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Mario Lanza
Only a Rose (from "The Vagabond King")

Also known as simply the coronavirus. How is the number doing? Let's make some graphs.

Cello: Yo-Yo Ma
Bělohlávek 2015

The universal messaging standard
Tried and tested. Independent. Privacy-focused.

Leonard Bernstein conducts Beethoven Symphony No 6 in F major Op 68 "Pastoral" (1978).

Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Iván Fischer
Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 9 & 10 January 2014

Zu jeder Zeit,
an jedem Ort,
bleibt das Tun
der Menschen das Gleiche.

In this ABC interview from 1974, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke makes the bold claim that one day computers will allow people to work from home and access their banking records.