Choucho Musubi

2020-Mar-01 20:59:34


Music video by Aimer performing Choucho Musubi. (C) 2016 Sony Music Records, a division of Sony Music Labels Inc.

Take one end, and make a circle -- now hold it tight
Take the other end and wrap it around behind the circle

Pass it through the pocket formed in the middle, and wait for it to come back out
Go out to meet it -- And with a one, two, pull the strings tight

At the beginning, it came out so pathetically
But even still, I put the same strength into it

I want to tie it tight
So that the loops would be big, and the knot would be tight

I want you, I want you
To put your arm here, and your memories far away

Even though if you pull on only one end, it'll come untied
It's so, so very easy to break what someone's made

Yet that's how it is when you untie it, it's exactly the same
I know that's how it goes, but once I finish it -- With a one, two, I'll pull the strings

Praying that it wouldn't come untied, I put some strength into it
And became transfixed by the loops that I had pulled too far out

I want to tie it tight
So that the loops would be big, and the knot would be tight

So that your dreams are here, and your memories far away
If you realize it, I'm fine with you just being there

Just shut up, don't pull on them; don't make the strings into a lopsided butterfly
I meant to tie them, but they're becoming loose; I meant to loosen them, but they're becoming tight

From all the countless and scattered contents of this blue, wide world
The two of us chose the same thread independently and reeled each other in

We weren't tied to each other, we tied ourselves to each other -- With a one, two, we pulled the strings
So that they wouldn't be too loose, or too tight, we put our strength into it



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