Heaven's Feel

2020-Apr-04 21:34:19


Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (on behalf of (P)2020 Sony Music Labels Inc.)

Hana no Uta (A Flower's Song):

Like a dream,
Those days left behind
Cowardly smiles
And gentle claws.

Like a boring flower petal,
I forgot my suffering,
And stuck to your back,
Simply laughing and crying.

Like thinking of days that will never return,
I was filled with a strangely precious feeling.
Inside a miniature garden,
I hid my breaths.

I forgot the passing of seasons
In a space of time that felt like
The quiet bottom of the sea.

Cold petals
Scatter into the night.
They're just like white snow,
So heartbreaking.
But I just want to fend off
All the sorrows
That come floating down upon you.

There's no way I can ever forgive
Anyone who tries to hurt you.
I want to go back
To those gentle days...
So badly I could cry.
Standing here together,
The petals we saw above

The moon hides in the clouds
And you lose your path forward.
You looked
Like you might start crying.

Even if our hearts are jagged,
If we at least try to put them together,
I'm sure something gentle
Will be born.

You said you'd never forgive
Anyone who tries to hurt me.
That's all I need...

I clung to the hand
You'd extended so playfully.
A warm light was finally lit
Within this world I'd forsaken.

Cold petals
Cut through the night.
All I want
Is to bundle the light I'd plucked,
Sprinkling it upon you
Like pure happiness.

You promised that you'd get angry
If I ever did something bad, didn't you?
That's why I'm sure
You'll find me one more time.
You don't have to stay
In that lonely place.
Standing alone,
The petals I saw above

I beg you:

Give me sympathy.
Give me sorrow,
As if gently stroking a tiny, fallen bird.
Be moved to tears,
Look down on me,
And tell me I'm pathetic.
Kick me around with the toe of your boot, if you please.
Take my muddy hand, as if to say
It's okay for me to be unclean.

Let us form a circle and dance.
Let us devour
All the unsightly masses.
I prefer an unbearable amount of spice.
lie, lie, lie, la la la...

The frightened bird
Couldn't manage to say goodbye.
As if begging for love, it sunk into silence,
Thinking that it was a display of modesty.
lie, lie, it's a lie, not a lie. It's just too much,
Being hurt like this.
Everyone wishes they could go to a gentler world.

Let us melt into one.
Let us fill our mouths
With hate and love, all mushed together
Inside this chaotic, oh-so-sweet pot.
lie, lie, lie, la la la...

It's because you smile so vaguely
That I feel I want to see you again.
I know you're here to stay with me.
I just want to be loved.

lie, lie, lie, you're to be with me
In a place where thunder blooms.
This is a miserable, heavenly feeling.
Only love need remain.

Sorrow alone falls heavily, piling up
Until even desires and regrets are simply covered.
Will even the scars of that far-off spring day, when we formed our bonds,
Eventually disappear?

Someday, in a glistening dream,
I believe the dying light
Will be able to reach you.
It's so bright
My tears won't stop.
Hey, please stay by my side.
Take my muddy hand.
Don't let go.
Please stay by my side, forever.
Don't let go.
It will get dark soon, so stay by my side.
Don't let go, I can't see,
Just stay by my side, forever.
Don't let go.
I'll love you

Haru wa Yuku (Spring Goes By):

Even so,
you take my hand,
standing still by my side
The real form I embraced
for the first time

As a result of greed,
carrying too much sadness
There is no place for me
to bring happiness anymore

The wind
that scattering flower petals
opened the gate,
as the season changes

In the midst of time
that fell down heavily
and increasingly piled up
Joy and pain
become equal
Keep melting
into our palms
Both smiles
and atonement,
standing by your side

Being alone,
I can't even disappear
The weak
and selfish me

Burdened with shadows
that I can't atone
The promised place
is full of flowers

Spring goes by
without turning back
remembering love or sin
The glow of light
is only dazzling in the sky
You still never forgive me
I want to be destroyed
be reborn
and I'll smile

by your side
At least for
the precious people
who stand by my side
I'll send them
a graceful dream
that tells I'm always happy

I stand by your side
I love you
I'm here with you
By your side

Those days
were like dreams...



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